Conditions of use

General Terms and Conditions

§ 1

The present Regulations determine the rules of services provided by the NERITON Publishing, evidenced in the Central Registration and Information on Business of Warsaw under the number of 82601, with the Taxpayer's Identification Number NIP 113-006-83-27 (henceforth: Publisher), through the Internet site

§ 2

The goods sold through the Internet are books and handbooks delivered by the Polish Post Office or by courier, or prepared for one's own collection at the seat of the Publisher.

§ 3

The customer selects the items they wish to purchase from the website and order them by filling in the form on the site. At the moment of ordering the customer give their consent to receive e-mails about the ordered items to the given e-mail address. The Publisher's offer is valid for the period if its presentation on the Publisher's website and till a book is in stock.

§ 4

The price next to the title does not include delivery fee. The delivery charge will be added on to the price of the purchased item(s). Thus the overall cost includes the item(s) price and delivery charges.

§ 5

The Publisher does their best to ensure that the offer remains factually true. Considering the possibility of update errors (of prices, configurations or technical parameters) the information on the websites could not be regarded (unless otherwise stated) as a legal offer in the light of the Civil Law Code.

§ 6

All orders are subject to the Publisher's acceptance; such acceptance will be confirmed by an e-mail, and in the case of customer's pay by transfer - after the due payment is paid on the Publisher's account. If there is no payment made nor payment transfer confirmation, the Publisher reserves the right to put a stop to the delivery.

§ 7

If there is no Publisher's acceptance of the order within two weekdays, customer is requested to contact the Publisher either by e-mail: neriton(the at sign), or phone: +48 22 83-102-61 or 62, ex. 26.

§ 8

The orders are processed in the sequence in which they arrive till the requested item is available. Please note that orders are not processed on weekends.

§ 9

If the requested item is sold out, we will notify the customer by e-mail or phone.

§ 10

The order should be processed within 14 business days from the date the order was placed (with average delivery time of 5 business days). In the event of any difficulty with the order processing, the customer will be immediately notified. The delivery time may be longer due to circumstances beyond the control of the Publisher.
The Publisher cannot be hold responsible for the delivery time by the Polish Post Office or by delivery services.

§ 11

In the event of difficulties with any of the ordered book when multiple items are ordered, processing of orders may take a longer time to reduce shipping costs (a single fee for delivery). At customer's request, however, the order can be divided into parts, with each part delivery charge added.

§ 12

An order will be processed only if it includes requester's email address and telephone number. In case of suspicion of submission of false contact data or having bad intentions on the part of requester, the Publisher might not process the request.

§ 13

Every customer receives a fiscal receipt or VAT invoice at the request. Institutions and firms have to provide company name and tax number (NIP). By making a purchase in the Internet shop, the customer automatically agrees to accept the VAT invoice without their signature.

§ 14

The order can be cancelled by email: neriton(the at sign), or phone: +48 22 83-102-61 or 62, ex. 26. Only unprocessed orders can be cancelled.

§ 15

Pursuant to the Act of 30 May, 2014, on the protection of certain customers’ rights (unified text: Journal of Laws of 2014, item 827), the customer has the right to send back the books he purchased without giving a reason - within 14 days from the date of receiving the parcel. Returned books will be accepted provided that were not damaged. A receipt or an invoice has to be returned with the books and return shipping cost. The Publisher guarantees to return the items value. Money will be paid back by bank transfer to an account indicated (please provide the account number) after the returned items are delivered to the Publisher.

§ 16

In the event of complaint, the client is requested to immediately send defective books back to the Publisher by the Polish Post Office. The Publisher does not accept any “cash-on-delivery” parcels. The cost of shipping of the returned items will be reimbursed immediately after the parcel is received and the complaint accepted by bank transfer to an account indicated by the customer. The complained item should be accompanied by receipt or invoice and the complaint justification. An item will be received for a full value one if only it is possible. For a defective item, we take the book that has a technical defect. The complaint will be acknowledged within 14 days upon receipt. Complaints will normally require to 14 business days to be resolved from the date of receipt. The Publisher, however, will aim to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. If the complaint is rejected, the purchased items are sent back to the customer at their expense.

§ 17

Unless stated otherwise, the number of ordered titles is not limited.

§ 18

The Publisher reserves the right to change or modify the Regulations. All changes made are effective from the time they are posted on the website: Orders made prior to the changes in the Regulations are processed under the terms and conditions valid on the day of order placement.

§ 19

Pursuant to the Act of 29 August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (unified text: Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 101, item 926, with amendments), personal data of the buyer will be entered to the Publisher database only for orders processing and they will not be shared with other parties. All the customers have access to their data and may verify or modify them.

§ 20

Any comments, suggestions or complaints should be forwarded in writing to the following address:
By post:
Wydawnictwo Neriton
Rynek Starego Miasta 29/31 pok. 33;
00-272 Warszawa
E-mail: neriton(the at sign)
By phone: 22 831-02-61 or 62, ex. 26 – between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. during business.

§ 21

Payment can be made via:
a) Cash on delivery - the client pays for the parcel to the Mailman or in the Post Office.
b) Bank transfer - the parcel will be sent as soon as money comes in the Publisher's bank account (usually on the next day after the bank transfer).

The Publisher's bank account number:
PKO BP 98 1020 1013 0000 0402 0113 5458

§ 22

The delivery cost in Poland is 10.50 PLN for the parcel sent by the Polish Post Office regardless the number of the ordered books and selected method of payment. If the parcel weights over 10 kilos, it will be divided into smaller ones.

§ 23

The Publisher processes international shipping. The order costs for international orders will be increased by the delivery fee charged in the country of destination. The customer will be informed via email about the total cost of the delivery. If the costumer accepts the cost, order will proceed normally, if not it will be cancelled.

Z piórem i palet±. Zainteresowania intelektualne i artystyczne ziemiaństwa polskiego na Ukrainie w II połowie XIX w.
Z piórem i palet±. Zainteresowania intelektualne i artystyczne ziemiaństwa polskiego na Ukrainie w II połowie XIX w.
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